About us

All A litler puppies have moved out to their new families.
For more information we refer you to litter planning.

"Because Pumis are whirling across the meadow and
through our lives like tiny tempests!"

We live by this motto. We are a well-seasoned married couple in the mid of the fifties with a moderate professional life and we are living in a nice house with a large garden. Apart from our female Pumi dog Fabia (2.5 years old) a female Puli dog (8 years old) is completing our household.

Dogs have always been our passion. They permanently accompany us: during our holidays as well as at work. For years dog sport plays a major role in our life.

As a professional dog groomer I am successfully leading my own grooming salon for 17 years. During that period I gained considerable further knowledge also on the veterinary sector as well as in the field of dog breeding.

Only after however our female Pumi dog Fabia moved in and after several show ring successes as well as a lot of fun with sport and games the wish came up to start breeding with our female dog.

On Saturday, February 11th 2012, Fabia (named Marnie) and I passed the guide dog exam. Our Puli bitch, Afra, too, passed successfully this test at the same day with me.